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One day, I was in my studio, flicking through the Oxford English Dictionary, when I spotted several pages of words that began with the letters CAT. This inspired me to create a complex puzzle painting which I christened "The Cat Conundrum." I showed it to Past Times, who loved the concept and launched it as a nationwide competition in the form of a limited edition jigsaw.

It was a resounding success, and I soon began to receive letters from Cat Conundrum fanatics all over Britain, and even countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, all trying to crack the code!

Past Times then commissioned two new, equally successful Conundrums, before I switched to Ravensburger Puzzles, who published two more.

I am aware that some people would prefer a fine art print to a jigsaw, so now you can buy any of my Cat or Cat Conundrum images as a print from the The Shop, with certificates of authenticity and a rules sheet, so that you can try to solve the many puzzles within these intricate paintings. If these are successful, we will be publishing more prints of both types in the near future.

The prints look stunning either individually or as a set, and are sure to intrigue visitors to your house. A warning though. Once you set about trying to solve the conundrums, you will almost certainly become obsessed by them!

Signed, limited Edition Giclee prints of Geoff Tristram's Cat Paintings are available from The Shop.

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