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In 2005, Geoff Tristram embarked on a new career, as a novelist. His younger brother, David, is a highly-successful comedy playwright with some twenty plays regularly being performed worldwide and 2 full length films, not to mention the YouTube sensation, 'Doreen's Story' under his belt, so writing comedy must be in the Tristram genes!

Geoff's first story, 'A Nasty Bump on the Head', about a scatterbrained eleven-year-old artist with a gift for causing mayhem, became essential reading material for anyone born within a thirty mile radius of the Black Country, and this quickly led to 10 more comedies, eight of them featuring scatterbrained artist, David Day, and three featuring chaotic writer, Adam Eve.

Those who have read these wonderful books and laughed out loud in the most unsuitable places tell Geoff that his books are simply crying out to be made into comedy films. Maybe one day, when his brother gets a spare second, this can be arranged! Watch this space.

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