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Take your little ones on an adventure to The Curious Zoo with their very own storybook customised with their own name!

With illustrations by Geoff, The Curious Zoo is full of quirky creatures, designed to ignite your imagination. Read with your child as they meet Dinnersaurus, Owliphant, Rhinoshark and many more!

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The Last Cricket Tour by Geoff Tristram

A Lifetime Spent Watching Paint Dry


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Geoff Tristram’s wonderfully frank life-story is a laugh-out-loud experience from start to finish. From the second he was born, the Black Country-born artist and cartoonist seems to have lurched from one crazy situation to the next, leaving a trail of chaos in his wake.

We learn about his journey from scatterbrained schoolboy to art student to professional artist, and his host of colourful friends and family members, including his beloved younger brother, David, the award-winning comedy playwright and filmmaker who created Black Country lazy cow and national treasure, ‘Doreen Tipton.’

Geoff is not frightened to write about his share of tragedies either, but mostly he treats us to a plethora of funny anecdotes and cringeworthy situations, often at his own expense. A shameless name-dropper, he tells us about the many celebrities he has encountered in his frantic 42 years as a professional artist, and liberally dishes the dirt on people that he feels have wronged him during that time. It doesn’t matter a jot if you have never heard of Geoff or seen his wonderful work. This book will still have you in stitches from beginning to end, and, as if all this wasn’t enough, there are loads of amazing pictures too!

Geoff Tristram has been a highly successful professional artist and illustrator for well over 35 years, and also a top flight cartoonist. He has worked for many well-known companies such as Penguin Books, Embassy World Snooker, Tarmac, Cadbury's, Thornton's, Past Times, Winsor and Newton, Reeves Paints, Paper Rose Greetings Cards, Ravensburger Puzzles and the BBC - to name but a handful. His artwork has been seen on fine art prints, collector's plates, magazines, postage stamps, jigsaw puzzles, greetings cards, press advertisements, billboards and packaging, and he also accepts private commissions, especially enjoying portraiture.

As if this wasn't enough, he is also a novelist and currently has eleven comedies in the shops and on various websites such as Amazon, Waterstones, etc.

When he is not at the drawing board or the computer keyboard, Geoff spends a lot of his time giving humorous talks about his frenetic career to all manner of societies, or visiting schools and colleges to hopefully inspire the students.

He was, once upon a time, a promising classical clarinettist too, but nowadays favours the somewhat noisier electric guitar. Oh yes, and he watches an awful lot of village cricket, which is just about the only thing that calms down his over-active mind!

His one regret is that he's never been able to sing in a way that would give anyone pleasure, and his dearest wish is that someone will see sense (and profit) and adapt one of his beloved novels as a comedy film.

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